Episode 010 – My Favourite Pilates Exercises for 2017

This episode welcomes back the MoveBeautiful podcast to 2017. We debrief my favourite exercises for 2017 including Roll Down, Roll Over, Parakeet, Short Spine and Teaser, how to master them and some ‘tips of the trade’ for ensuring you master these Pilates move in 2017!

About the author: Lana Johnson

Lana, a Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor with 20 years’ experience in the dance and movement world, is driven by the overwhelming desire to help empower individuals to change their total health through efficient movement. She graduated from Sydney University with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and went on to gain her Diploma in Professional Pilates in Studio/Rehab with Polestar Pilates and has since studied and now practices the ConnectTherapy (previously known as the Integrated Systems Model) assisting LJ Lee on her Thoracic and Pelvis courses.

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