Episode 002 – Breathing

Episode 002Hi! Welcome to episode 002 of the Move Beautiful podcast, where we are talking about all things breathing related!

This episode delves into breathing and breath work. We define various different types and directions of breathing, when to use them and we go through some practical home play to help you cultivating your breath work library.

In this episode you will learn:

Different types of breathing ;

  1. Diaphragmatic

  2. Thoracic

  3. Clavicular

  4. Paradoxical

Particular Yoga and Pilates breath work

  • Ujjaui Pranayama (breathing) – a gentle breath that is relaxed yet energizing. It is in and out through your nose, but on the exhale you should attempt to make the sound of the ocean in the back of your throat. Also used in Pilates … fogging up a mirror … has a great role in core and pelvic floor activation.

  • Kapalabhati Pranayama ‘Skull Shinning Breathing – deep inhale and forced exhale drawing the air out of your belly. Another deep inhale then you can actively draw the air out of your belly for 15-30 sharp exhales (taking in no air at this time). Also use in Pilates as a percussion breath

  • Alternate nostril breathing – to begin put your hand in the position as if you were about to hitch hike. Use your thumb to close off the right side nostril, inhale deeply through the left nostril and hold your breath. Now close off the left nostril and exhale through the right

  • Cooling Off Breathing – this has an immediate effect on your whole body temperature. Start by curling your tongue into a tube like passage, inhale through your mouth (keeping your tough like this), close your mouth and hold your breath for 5-10sec, exhale slowly through your nose

Thank you for listening to episode 002 of the Move Beautiful Podcast, I loved bringing all these insights and valuable pieces of information to you and I hope you have found them as valuable as I have and are now breathing easy!

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About the author: Lana Johnson

Lana, a Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor with 20 years’ experience in the dance and movement world, is driven by the overwhelming desire to help empower individuals to change their total health through efficient movement. She graduated from Sydney University with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and went on to gain her Diploma in Professional Pilates in Studio/Rehab with Polestar Pilates and has since studied and now practices the ConnectTherapy (previously known as the Integrated Systems Model) assisting LJ Lee on her Thoracic and Pelvis courses.

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